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Why Secure Solar Roofing

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Secure Roofing & Solar is the trusted name when it comes to solar installation in California. We’re proudly serving residential, commercial, and industrial clients.


Solar technology has been around for decades, and it continues to improve. Installation is now safer and faster to install than ever with only about 72 hours to install most residential solar systems.

4 Reasons Why to Go Solar

  • Go Solar for Energy Independence – Realize energy independence through solar panel power and gain control over your energy costs.
  • Go Solar for Savings – Reap monetary benefits through savings realized via solar powered energy. You will realize instant electricity bill savings regardless of the size of your solar panel investment. Once your solar energy system is installed and working, your future monthly local utility bills will reduce.
  • Go Solar and Add Market Value to Your Home – A solar panel system installed in your home will increase the market value of your property. When you place your property on the market, your home will sell up to 17% higher than the competitive homes in the area.
  • Go Solar and Outpace the Joneses – Don’t just keep up with the property owners in your community. There are many states offering generous renewable energy incentives for property owners investing in solar panel energy systems. Once you qualify for these incentives, the local utility company is responsible for paying you for the clean energy produced from your solar panels – cash or credit. This translates into a zero balance owed – or – a negative electricity bill.

Save About 70% On Your Monthly Utility Bills.
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