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Solar Panel Installation – A Few Things You Need To Know

Solar panel installation has a myriad of benefits for everyone. Installing solar panels on your roof will not only help you to generate electricity for yourself and save on utility bills for the next 25 years since you don’t have to pay any utility bills. Solar panels have a great ROI since they are going to protect you against the rising energy bills. A home with solar panels installed has a much higher commercial value than a home devoid of solar panels. The biggest advantage of solar panels is their ability to conserve the fragile ecosystem that has been exploited beyond its means by human beings. Solar panel installation is the best and wisest decision you can take for your home. However before getting it installed you need to have a few things sorted.

Check your Roof for Solar Panel Installation

You need to check your roof for two factors. The first one being strength. Your roof should be able to bear the weight of the solar panels for the next 25 years since this is the average life span of solar panels. In case you are doubtful of the strength of your roof check with your solar panel installation company for any light weight options available.

The second thing you need to check is the duration of sunlight that is going to fall on the area of the roof where you are going to install the solar panels. If your roof does not receive sunlight throughout the year it is no use installing solar panels. In case you have a roof that receives ample sunlight make sure to prune the foliage around your home regularly so that the trees don’t obstruct the sunlight in future.

Increasing Efficiency is in Your Own Hands

You need to audit the energy needs of your home before actually getting solar panels installed. The mount energy needed for your home will be the amount of solar energy you will be generating. To generate this specific amount of solar energy you need to have a blueprint ready of how many solar panels are required which just meet the needs of your household.

Check the Credibility of your Installer

This is the most important aspect while getting solar panels installed. Since the company that is going to install solar panels at your home is not only going to help you generate electricity it is also going to combine the logistics of a home improvement project along with electrical work. Since the solar panels are going to be there for almost a lifetime you cannot trust someone who is going to shut down shop after a few years. Go with an organization that has a long standing reputation, local presence and expertise in installing the best solar panels.

Apart from that you need to decide if you are going to buy or lease your own equipment. For this you need to do a financial analysis of your long term financial goals. While signing the contract it is important to read even the fine prints in the contract so that you are not taken by surprise in case you need to use your warranty or replacement for the equipment you have leased or bought.


Secure Roofing and Solar has been known as the top roofing and solar company across the San Diego County and Los Angeles areas for almost three decades.  

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Secure Roofing and Solar is in San Diego County in Poway, California and in Los Angeles County in San Dimas, California with around 80,000 homeowners combined.

With two productive locations offering a range of roofing, solar panels and other home improvements, we are regarded as one of the top solar companies San Diego offers.  This means we are in the position to offer the best roofing repairs, roof replacements, solar panel installations, room additions, bathroom and kitchen remodels and more! For years, our customers have been putting their trust and faith into our contractors.  

Regardless of what home improvement service you require, Secure Roofing and Solar is the most ideal home improvement company that will end up saving you money and money with your energy costs.


Secure Roofing and Solar offers quality roofing, solar panels and other home improvement services at the most affordable prices!  Customer complete satisfaction is always our main goal.  You won’t find any solar companies in San Diego offering as great of service, products and prices as we offer.

Furthermore, when we finish a home improvement project, our clients are speechless and excited about what we have done for them!  We have proven ourselves in the industry as the greatest, and Secure Roofing embraces delivering the best customer service possible.  To schedule an appointment for our solar company in San Diego, just call Secure Roofing and Solar today at: (858) 437-5330 or Toll Free: (800) 338-6868!

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