How Solar Works

Solar Energy is the best way to save money in the long term on your electricity bill. Solar Roofing Installation in San Diego is a great way to reduce your overall monthly bills.

Free Energy Powered by the Sun

Earth is close enough to the sun that supplies energy to all living things, refreshes our water supplies, and creates other forms of energy that power our world.

A solar system consists of different parts that work together to produce electricity out of the sunrays. Multiple advances have made the solar systems more reliable, efficient, and easier to install. Installation takes less than a week to complete.

From Sunlight to Electricity

It’s amazing how sunlight can power homes and buildings. Solar systems make it possible. These devices use solar panels or photovoltaic (PV) cells, the semiconductors made from silicon and other conductive materials, to convert sunrays into electricity. When sunlight strikes a solar panel, chemical reactions take place, releasing electrons and generating AC current that you can use to run your electrical appliances.

Sunlight Requirements

To be effective, a solar system needs to be somewhere where it can receive enough sunlight. Most property owners install solar panels on their roofs to generate more electricity. California experiences abundant year-round sunshine, so installing solar systems is an ideal option.

Secure Roofing & Solar offers professional solar installation in California. We provide complete information to help you decide whether a solar system is right for you and your property. Contact us to find out more about how solar works and to book an initial consultation.

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