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Don’t just get a new roof when you can get a FREE roof.

Have you thought about remodeling your home or replacing that old or damaged roof? Now is the best time to do it. Secure Roofing & Solar offers this Free Roof Program to help make your home more energy efficient without exceeding your budget.

It’s Easy to Qualify

  • Be the first qualified install in the neighborhood
  • Have a minimun of $150/month electric bill
  • Home must have good curb appeal
  • Secure must be able to leave a sign in the yard for 30 days
  • Must write a review of your experience on Angie’s list

What you need to know about Roof Replacement

The hardest question to answer is usually whether or not you need a new roof, the addition of a solar panel system installation, or both.  We pride ourselves on providing you with the facts about your specific situation. Our on-site specialist will look closely at your home in order to answer the three most important questions.

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  3. Is a new solar and roofing solution absolutely necessary? (Learn More) Solar Page

  4. Is it important to choose a reputable company who has been around for the long haul? Learn more) Gallery?

  5. How does solar in San Diego actually work? Solar Page How solar works

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