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We Have Successfully Been Serving The Roofing Needs Of San Diego’s Homes For Nearly Three Decades. With Years Of Experience, It Makes Us More Than Qualified To Install Roofs And Install Solar Panels On Any Type Of Roof.

Our History

Dave Massey has been in the roofing industry for over 30 years. Beginning in his early 20s, Dave started in the roofing industry with installing solar rooftops for rooftop hot water systems. As the industry began to change, he started to focus on roofs specifically.


In 1989, Dave opened up his own roofing company and started installing residential roofs in the San Diego area. He owned the largest residential roofing company in San Diego with the trusted name of Secure Roof. In 2008, they saw the vision of PV Solar being installed on the roofs in California as the green energy movement began.

They started to install roofing solar systems on almost every residential re-roofing job they had. They identified that when financing green roofing projects with a low cost, the low-interest loan they could finance a roofing solar project for less than the homeowners electric bill.


Dave felt this was the secret to overcoming the objections that homeowners had on spending such large amounts of money on roofs that they didn’t have the budget for.


The Proven And Effective Way to Efficiently Conserve Energy, While Decreasing Your Monthly Home Expenses


With Over 30 Years Of Experience, We Guarantee Expert Installations By Our Expert Technicians


We Offer An Array Of Styles, Materials, And Industry-Leading Brands As A Solution For Your Roofing Needs


``A First-Class Company, Very Impressed... Do Not Hesitate To Call Secure For Any Of Your Roofing Needs.`` - Tim


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