We Have Successfully Been Serving The Roofing Needs Of San Diego’s Homes For Nearly Three Decades. With Years Of Experience, It Makes Us More Than Qualified To Install Roofs And Install Solar Panels On Any Type Of Roof.


It takes less then 60 seconds to fill out the information to have an agent in your zip code call you to discuss your solar and homeroofing repairs needs.


The Proven And Effective Way to Efficiently Conserve Energy, While Decreasing Your Monthly Home Expenses


With Over 30 Years Of Experience, We Guarantee Expert Installations By Our Expert Technicians


We Offer An Array Of Styles, Materials, And Industry-Leading Brands As A Solution For Your Roofing Needs


``A First-Class Company, Very Impressed... Do Not Hesitate To Call Secure For Any Of Your Roofing Needs.`` - Tim

Financing for Your Solar & Roofing

The HEI: A Home Equity Alternative

Thousands of homeowners are choosing Point’s Home Equity Investment (HEI), a new solution created for homeowners who want to unlock their home equity without being locked into a loan.


How does it work?


The Home Equity Investment (HEI) from Point lets you access $35,000 to $250,000 of home equity. It’s not a loan, so there are no monthly payments. There is no interest charged, ever. Instead, Point becomes a partner with you in the future change in value of your property. If your home’s value rises, Point shares in some of the gain when you sell or refinance. If your home’s value drops, Point shares in some of the loss when you sell or refinance..

Qualify easier, process faster


Point allows you do everything easily online. You can get pre-approved in minutes and funded in weeks. The eligibility criteria for the HEI are less strict than those for traditional home equity loans. Homeowners with lower credit scores or higher debts who do not quality for traditional HELOCs and home equity loans may qualify for a HEI.

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