What is the Best House Orientation for Solar Panels?

Shifting to solar power is one of the best decisions you can make in terms of saving on electricity costs and preserving the environment. However, there are some things to consider to take full advantage of its benefits, like the best house orientation.

It’s best to leave the positioning of your solar panels to the technical team in charge of installing your unit. However, it may be good to understand the logic behind the installation process. Here are some tips on ensuring the best home orientation for solar panel installation:

  • Solar panels should face south. According to solar panel suppliers and industry experts, homes in the northern hemisphere will benefit most from facing the solar panels southward in order to receive the most amount of energy. If your home is in the southern hemisphere – say, Australia or Argentina – then your panels should face north.
  • Set the roof angle at 35 degrees. Solstats.com pegs the best roof angle for your solar panels at 35 degrees from horizontal.  At this tilt, the panels will receive the greatest amount of solar energy. Some experts, meanwhile, suggest adjustable solar panels so that you can optimize the solar absorption in different seasons. Check out this article for more information on the optimum tilt of panels.

Developments in the industry continue to push for more efficient energy absorption, and a lot of changes in panel orientation are being tested. In a recent study on harnessing solar power, applied photovoltaics expert Professor Ralph Gottschalg of Loughborough University in the U.K. said that many solar panels are not positioned properly in homes. He mentioned that most of the countries in the northern hemisphere face solar panels towards the south in order to capture more sunlight. However, he found out that Germany’s practice of letting panels face either east or west harnessed more energy from the sun.

While this finding is still being investigated further, this mindset of continuous development should cause solar power to be in the forefront of global energy generation.