Thank You to Our Wonderful Customers for Your Wonderful Reviews

At Secure Roofing and Solar, we take pride in being able to offer stellar service to customers. What we like most when we are finished a project is hearing how it’s improved our customers’ lives.

Like every business nowadays, we embrace customer review sites like Yelp for our business. We encourage our customers to leave reviews for us because we’re confident enough in our service that we expect to receive a good review and we’ve consistently experienced this.

Here are just a few excerpts of the reviews we’ve received from our wonderful customers.

A few weeks ago I used the website they provide to check on how well my panels were doing and I noticed they were producing less than I expected. I made a note that I needed to call Secure and have them look at them. The next day (without me calling) I received a call from Secure stating they noticed my panels weren’t producing as much as they should and they’d like to come out and fix them. They fixed them that day!” – Jonathan B.

“Dave and his team did a great job installing our new solar. The installers were fast and picked up after themselves leaving no nails, or other debris behind. We were left with a shiny solar unit that consistently brings our electric bill negative or significantly below our normal cost each month.” – Jeune O.

“We had solar attic fans placed by Secure Roofing and Solar. Unfortunately, due to manufacture related problems, the fans were making a lot of noise for us. However, Secure Roofing never gave up on us, they came back and made adjustments and eventually replaced the fans with a much better and quieter model.” – J.T.

“Dave’s guys, Tony and Oscar, completely remodeled our home before we moved in. Everything from paint, wood flooring, wiring new lighting, plumbing for bathroom makeovers…everything! They did an amazing job and two years later, everything is still perfect. They converted one bathroom into a stand up shower and even built out the back yard completely with sprinklers, pavers, grass and a natural gas fire pit. Literally everything they did was perfect.” Mark & Phoebe G.

“1. LOVE the solar panel installation. Instead of installing the panels on top of the tile roof as is usual, they removed the tiles, replaced that area with shingles and installed the panels flush with the tiles.  The result is a very clean, streamlined look.  It’s hard to tell we even have solar panels!  And getting those negative SDGE bills is pretty awesome.

2. Love that I don’t have to worry about my roof for the next 50 years – and it was a great deal.  Also the fact that Secure is a roofing company first was very important to me – I didn’t want Joe-Blow Solar Guy drilling holes into my roof!” – Asante T.

We have a current 5-star rating average on Yelp and a 4.9-star rating average on Facebook. We believe we are only as good as our customers think we are.

Thank you to everyone who has given us a review. It’s your opinions that count most to us and it’s your satisfaction we strive to provide.

[Photo courtesy of Yelp Inc. on Flickr]