Google Data Center to be Powered by Solar Energy

Hand it to Google when it comes to spearheading a worthy cause. After consistently taking the top spot across all search platforms and being one of the foremost visionaries in the online field, the search engine giant is now going solar.

Duke Energy – a power holding company based in Charlotte, North Carolina – has just signed up Google as its first customer for its renewable energy project. The power company is slated to purchase energy from a solar harvesting facility in the state as part of the Green Source Rider program, in partnership with Google. The search engine company has invested in this renewable energy program as a source of power for its data center in Lenoir.

Rob Caldwell, who works as senior vice president for Duke Energy’s distributed energy sector, said that Google’s investment in the program will definitely serve as a milestone event to attract other companies and follow suit. “Having Google as the first company to publicly announce its participation is extremely satisfying… We believe this will lead to similar announcements in the future,” Caldwell said in a news release.

For its part, Google plans to source out all of its power requirements from renewable sources. “We’ve agreed to purchase 1.2 gigawatts of renewable power globally and we’re working to power 100 percent of our operations this way,” said Gary Demasi, an official of Google’s data center energy. The company also shares the vision of Duke Energy to convince all companies to shift to solar. “This is a really big moment for us and we’re thrilled to have created this program with Duke Energy. Not only does it enable us to purchase renewable energy for our North Carolina operations, it will empower others in the state to do the same,” Demasi added.

[Photo courtesy of keso s on Flickr]