NREL Analysis Finds Tax Credit extensions can have positive impact on renewable energy

The U.S. government has been trying to pave the way for renewable energy to come into mainstream use by developing plans and programs to encourage its use by homeowners, companies, and industries. One of the most effective strategies to influence people to shift to renewable energy is by implementing tax credits.

Over the past decades, the federal Read More

A Look at the Federal Government’s Clean Power Plan

Solar energy has revolutionized the way we source our power requirements, and many countries have recognized the significance of this free and renewable energy in terms of environmental preservation and financial gains.

Because of the advantages that homeowners and corporate establishments can get from solar power, the U.S. government aims to prioritize the use of this type … Read More

San Diego Solar Energy System Financing Resources: Federal Solar Incentives

The city of San Diego has consistently been at the forefront of solar power use and distribution by making this renewable and free energy one of the top options in powering homes and establishments. In fact, the city’s support behind solar energy is evident in its laws to encourage people to shift towards this energy.

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