Bear Republic Brewing Company: Tapping Solar to Make Sustainable Suds

Industries such as brewing have high power demand, and that’s why more beer companies are shifting to sustainable energy sources. In fact, many breweries are going solar.

Bear Republic Brewing Company, a microbrewery based in California, has just installed a solar PV system in its Cloverdale facility. The brewery’s new solar installation comes in the form of a 30.2-kW solar roofing assembly, as well as an upcoming 136.6-kW solar canopy system. The company is making the shift to solar as one of its first projects to implement its objective of sustainability in the field of beer brewing. Aside from reducing its power expenditure, the company hopes to lessen its carbon footprint.

For its solar system, Bear Republic chose “microinverter systems over string inverters because the design increases overall energy output,” according to Bear Republic master brewer Peter Kruger. “If one part of the system suffers a drop in production, there’s no effect on the other parts of the system.”

Apart from the switch to solar energy to propel its daily operations, Bear Republic is also equipped with a wastewater facility that treats process waste and generates energy to be used in the production of beer. On its company website, Bear Republic puts sustainability as one of its core objectives: “We believe that sustainability, beer quality and financial responsibility go hand in hand. Investment in extensive solar arrays and a state of the art wastewater pretreatment system help us to further reduce our impact on the environment.”

[Photo courtesy of Thomas Hawk on Flickr]