Company Aims to Use Solar Trees to Make Public Solar Installations Aesthetically Pleasing

Solar energy systems company Sologic has launched a concept design that makes solar panels in public spaces look like they came straight out of a forest in the form of the eTree, a structure that looks like a tree equipped with solar panels as its leaf canopy.

“We wanted to integrate the idea of solar energy in the community by creating eTree,” according to company president Michael Lasry in a news release.

The eTree was designed to be seamlessly integrated in public places such as parks and green spaces. The concept provides shade just like a normal tree, but with features such as a charging and docking station for mobile gadgets, WiFi connection, and a water fountain. It is also equipped with LED lights so that the solar tree looks amazing at night.

The design was created by artist Yoav Ben-Dov, who integrated metallic materials with an aesthetic style.

“The tree is made up of metal pipes and leaves are solar panels,” Lasry added.

This product brings the idea of solar energy into public awareness, especially since it shows that solar technology is not necessarily a technical and environmental concept but a fun and useful tool to use. With more homes and businesses shifting to solar energy, the introduction of exciting new products and systems such as the eTree will make solar power more acceptable to the masses.

No updates regarding mass production and selling price have been released by the company yet, although the first prototype of the eTree is currently displayed in Zichron Ya’akov, a park in the northern part of Israel.

[Photo courtesy of Sologic]